Following government and student guidelines, we are able to hold classes in person under new regulations. If there are any changes in policy and we go into a local/national lockdown, we will run classes online. 


How we can keep each other safe in class:


If you have any COVID-19 symptoms…

Social distancing measures

  • We must remain 2 metres apart from each other while dancing, during breaks, and waiting before a class

  • Each space will have a one way system that will be signposted by the university to make entrances and exits clear. 

  • Classes will be running at a reduced capacity in line with the numbers provided 

  • You must not hang around inside the room or around the entrance/exit points after the class is dismissed

Booking online

  • We have a new online booking system with Wix.

  • You cannot turn up to class without a booking.

Track and trace

  • We will be using this for every person that comes to class as required by YUSU.

  • Most rooms also have the NHS QR code, which you will also be required to scan. 


  • Current YUSU guidelines require masks in enclosed indoor spaces. You are not required to wear masks while dancing but we encourage you to wear them during breaks.

Cleanliness and sanitising 

  • Please sanitise before and after class. We would advise you to bring your own.

  • There will be minimal choreography on the floor.

  • We encourage you to bring a yoga mat or towel to class. If you forget a towel, you can use a floor spray we will provide. 

Timetable changes

  • The timetable will look different to our returning members as we have changes in the spaces we can use.

  • Classes are 45 mins with breaks in between them to limit mixing between groups.