The University of York Dance Society is one of the largest societies on campus. As a very open and down to earth society we are passionate about dancing and having fun! Our sole aim is to provide a good quality service to our members, and to encourage as many people as possible to come along and join in.

We offer classes in a variety of styles such as Street, Jazz, Tap, Zumba, Commercial, Contemporary and Ballet. Our classes are designed to cater for all abilities, from beginners to the advanced so no experience is necessary, anyone can come and have a go! As well as weekly classes, we offer our members opportunities to perform and show off their skills.


The Dance Society already regularly partake in and perform at a number of local and campus events during the academic year, as well as several competitions, and are always looking for talented dancers. We have an Annual Showcase where we show the whole university how many talented dancers and choreographers we have. All in all our society is solely about dancing, making friends and getting as many people involved as possible.


£10 for the whole year 

Classes are £2 (apart from Zumba and Ballet which are £3, and Bodycon which is only £1!


If you attend 6 classes you can get your 7th free! 


If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact one of us, or find one of the reps during classes and we will be happy to help!


Join at freshers fair or online here: https://www.yusu.org/activities/societies/join

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